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In some instances, the police have the authority to release you on bail. They may decide, however, to seek to have you detained in jail. If that happens, it is important to contact a lawyer to discuss your options and to give you advice on what the best course of action is for you.

Otherwise, you could run the risk of being held in jail until your case is dealt with. Trying to be an advocate for yourself in this type of situation could prove detrimental to your freedom. That is why it is important to hire a lawyer. Being charged with a criminal or drug related offence is bad enough. Having to spend time in jail can result in loss of employment and issues with family commitments.

Your matter may be adjourned into Provincial Court for a bail hearing, instead of being dealt with by a Justice of the Peace at a “hearing office”. If the matter is adjourned into Provincial Court, then you will have to deal with the issue of bail in front of a Provincial Court Judge. That process, not unlike the first bail process, can be complicated, and can result in you staying in jail until your matter is dealt with. It is important to have effective and professional representation to ensure that the best arguments are made for your release. I can speak with you and walk you through the bail process.

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