Why I Became a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Calgary

I started my legal career as a Crown prosecutor, a minister justice for the people of Calgary, but despite meeting with success and recognition my work left me dissatisfied. I wanted to perform work that had a real positive impact on the lives of average Calgary citizens, and the prosecutor's office left me feeling that I could do more.

Working as a prosecutor taught me a great a great deal, and I believed in what I did and the progress I made—I still believe in it. It gave me knowledge and insight into criminal justice proceedings that can't be achieved in any other way. Not only did I learn a great deal more about trial preparation and proceedings than books and classrooms can teach you, I also learned about the things books and classrooms can't really teach at all.

I learned about each of the real human beings involved in each and every trial, from the accused to the victims to defence counsel and, of course, members of the Crown's prosecution team. I learned that justice, while administered through a set of rules meant to ensure fairness, often forgets about human beings as ends in and of themselves.

After a decade of work and learning as a Crown prosecutor here in Calgary, I moved to criminal defence to see what good I could accomplish when my focus was on each individual client. I believe in our criminal justice system, and I stand by my work as a prosecutor, but I also believe that justice is best served when the accused has a staunch ally standing by them.

I became a criminal defence lawyer in Calgary to make sure justice is truly served. And it's everything I knew it would be.

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