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The Issue of Consent in Calgary Sexual and Non-Sexual Assault Cases: Part 1

Posted by Susan Karpa on 11 July 2016

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No criminal defence case is simple. Though the law often seems straightforward from the outside looking in, any criminal defence lawyer in Calgary can tell you that this is far from the case. The unique circumstances surrounding every criminal charge demands each case and every single person accused of a crime deserves independent attention and analysis, and a defence strategy designed specifically to suit their best interests.

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Talking to Your Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer About Sexual Assault

Posted by Susan Karpa on 8 January 2016


No matter what specific circumstances lead to your being charged with a sexual assault in Calgary, the experience of defending yourself against the charge will likely be one of the most difficult things you will endure in your lifetime. The stigma associated with a sexual assault can be severe, and often comes into play from the moment an accusation is made—before you've any chance to tell your side of the story, let alone had the trial you're entitled to.

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