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Your Legal Defence Against Calgary Drug Charges

Posted by Susan Karpa on 25 February 2015

Crime in Calgary has been on a steady downward trends as preventative and rehabilitative efforts have reduced gang presence and violence in the city, and have helped create a city and a society that creates greater opportunities and protections for those who might otherwise see criminal offences as a viable way to earn a living or achieve the security they need.

Believe it or not, this news is just as encouraging for criminal defence lawyers in Calgary as for anyone else; less violence is always a good thing, and fewer arrests and prosecutions for petty crimes and those not harmful to the greater good means more justice for all—and that's exactly what criminal defence lawyers fight for.

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Why DUI Defence is Important to Calgary Society

Posted by Susan Karpa on 24 February 2015

Drunk driving or "DUI" offences can be pretty polarizing. There are many groups and individuals who flat-out condemn anyone accused of a DUI without wanting to look at the facts of the charge or the factors affecting the accused's actions and behaviors. Calgary defence lawyers who take on DUI cases are often also tarred with the same brush.

It is this very attitude towards DUI cases and DUI lawyers in Calgary that makes a robust, informed, and experienced defence for those accused of DUI infractions so important.

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Calgary Drunk Driving Penalties and How a Lawyer Can Help

Posted by Susan Karpa on 20 February 2015


In case you haven't heard the news, Alberta enacted new sanctions targeting drunk drivers in 2012, and there's no sign of them being rescinded any time soon. Calgary Police have also ramped up their efforts when it comes to identifying and arresting drunk drivers, including widespread public awareness campaigns and an increased use of "DUI Checkpoints"—areas on certain Calgary roads that become temporary traffic stops to check all drivers and ensure their sobriety.

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A Calgary Drunk Driving Lawyer with Compassion

Posted by Susan Karpa on 18 February 2015


Drunk driving remains a relatively common offence in Calgary, despite the dangers it presents both to drunk drivers themselves and to other Calgary residents and visitors. With Alberta's harsh penalties for driving while impaired by alcohol, the dangers aren't just physical but also legal, and finding a lawyer can be an important step in recovering from the incident and returning to a normal and productive life.

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Calgary Youth Crime Reduction Program a Resounding Success

Posted by Susan Karpa on 17 February 2015

A criminal defence lawyer can be a great asset when a young person in Calgary is accused of a crime—ensuring that mistakes made in one's youth don't create a lifetime of trouble is something every Calgary citizen should be able to get behind, and it's a defence lawyer's job.

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Is "Tough On Crime" Creating Bigger Criminal Justice Problems?

Posted by Susan Karpa on 13 February 2015

An editorial in the Calgary Herald asks an interesting question: is the tougher stance on crime taken by Canada's federal government, including imposing mandatory minimum sentencing and removing conditional sentencing as an avenue explored in the defence of the accused, doing more to harm Calgary society than help it?

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How Calgary Police Detect DUIs, and How Calgary Defence Lawyers Can Help

Posted by Susan Karpa on 11 February 2015

When it comes to detecting DUI or impaired driving infractions in Calgary, law enforcement officers have increasingly sophisticated (though often problematic) technologies and techniques at their disposal. Impaired driving defence lawyers might not be quite so fortunate, needing to help their clients contend with Alberta's harsher laws and some of the automatic penalties they impose, but they can still be of tremendous assistance.

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Calgary Impaired Driving, DUI, or DWI All Spell Legal Trouble

Posted by Susan Karpa on 10 February 2015


No matter what you call it—impaired driving, driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI)—if you take to Calgary's roads and highways after drinking or using drugs, you're not only exposing yourself and others to a greatly increased risk for physical harm, you're also exposing yourself to significant legal troubles. You can hire a Calgary criminal defence lawyer to help you with your case after impaired driving charges have been laid against you, but even better would be avoiding the trouble altogether.

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Calgary Drunk Driving Incidents Down, Penalties Up

Posted by Susan Karpa on 6 February 2015


You've heard it many times, including in every DUI article posted to this site: the best defence against a DUI is simply staying out of the driver's seat if you've had any alcohol. This advice is even more important ever since Alberta toughened up the penalties for DUIs, including the establishment of administrative penalties for anyone driving with a BAC (blood alcohol content) between .05 and .08 and more severe criminal penalties for drivers with a BAC over .08. These new laws have already had an impact on DUI's in Calgary, in more ways than one.

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Defence for Your Calgary Drug Charges

Posted by Susan Karpa on 5 February 2015

Despite changes in law enforcement attitudes and the legal penalties facing certain drug offences, including charges related to the possession of marijuana, drug offences in Calgary remain a common cause for arrest and for the laying of criminal charges. If you've been arrested for a drug offence in Calgary or the surrounding area, you don't have to face it alone. You are entitled to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer, who might be able to help you put these charges behind you quickly and more painlessly than many persons accused of drug-related crimes can do on their own.

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Are Calgary Gang, Drug, and Gun Crimes Related?

Posted by Susan Karpa on 3 February 2015

Calgary Police suspect three recent gun crimes are connected to gang-related activity in Calgary and potentially to drug-related offences connected to two of Calgary's largest gangs. Though police have not yet confirmed these suspicions, their analysis is based on past crime patterns in the capital City of Calgary.

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